The Calm Before the Storm

This time of year brings the changing of the seasons, from Winter to Spring, and also a changing of the seasons in my work environment. The school year is winding down, but preparations for Summer projects are ramping up quickly. This Summer is already shaping up to be exceptionally busy, with seven different E-Rate Category 2 projects and eleven firewall replacements already on the schedule.

However, right now, this exact week, is a brief period which I could only characterize as the calm before the storm. My calendar is unusually quiet, email has been manageable, and it feels like I’ve got a good handle on things. However, starting next week, I will be hitting the road and won’t be in the office much for a couple weeks. First I will be in Colorado Springs attending a regional CTE (Career Technical Education) conference. Then the following week I will be in Omaha for a Fortinet boot camp, a statewide network operations meeting, and then finishing the week presenting at the annual NETA (Nebraska Educational Technology Association) conference. Unfortunately, I don’t see things slowing down much in May or June either.

Having some time now to organize myself has been invaluable. I’ve been able to tie up several loose ends and prepare myself for everything that is on the horizon. I am ready to face the challenges ahead.

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