The Crazy Switch

Every year there is a magical time toward the end of July or beginning of August during which the phenomenon occurs I like to call, “The Crazy Switch” day. While not an officially recognized holiday due to its inherent fluctuation from year to year, it’s one most of us in educational technology experience. It’s that one particular day when enough teachers and staff are back in the district(s) and it seems like a tidal wave of emails, phone calls, and other random requests come flooding in.

No matter how valiant the effort or advanced preparations taken, we all become engulfed by this wave and feel overcome with angst and sometimes frustration. For ESU technology staff our crazy switch is usually flipped a week or two earlier than our school-based counterparts. At ESU 11 I called it as being July 19 this year, which always seems to creep up by a few days each year.

But we work in education, so we have summers off, right? I have often said that we spend nine months planning so we can cram an entire year’s worth of projects in over the summer!


  1. […] Each fall I am faced with the challenge of shifting from Operational mode to Strategic mode. This is an interesting transition that occurs each year, usually a few weeks following the flip of the crazy switch. […]

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